Matt and the GLH team have been true partners in a period of tremendous growth for Balsam Brands. They have proactively implemented a scalable IT infrastructure that works for all of our offices as we expand in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The team at GLH is professional and reliable and we can count on them to share industry best practices with us. Outsourcing our IT service needs to them allows our small company to focus on revenue generating activity and leave the network administration in their expert hands.

Katie Richter, Balsam Brands

We wanted all the information technology we needed but couldn't afford to have experts on staff to support it all.  GLH made it possible to have everything we wanted, and on demand expertise to support it.  They went far beyond garden variety IT support and helped with architecture, IT security, migrating systems, licensing, pretty much everything and anything we needed.  The value is high and the costs are incredibly reasonable and more importantly predictable.  They really helped us out of a tough spot.

Tyson Kamp C.C.O., C.I.S.O. , New Albion Partners

GLH has been a partner with Neodyne since 2008 and has allowed us to run a virtual IT infrastructure organization for nearly 7 years, so we could focus our energy on developing and launching our product without worrying about IT.   Matt and his team are professional, courteous and patient when it comes to meeting our service desk needs, and we have benefited from a reliable, yet cost-effective infrastructure that has been able to scale as we needed it to.  The GLH philosophy of packaging proven solutions from established partners with some cutting edge tools has proved to be an effective approach for attracting small and medium companies.

Bill Beasley CEO, Neodyne Biosciences